Portable Hand CPM- 2 week rental (3-8 week options available)


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Medcom Portable Hand  CPM


  • The Portable Hand CPM is lightweight and easy to use.

  • Universal right/left design for either hand or thumb.

  • Provides for individual digit manipulation, allowing each finger to move through a true anatomic range of motion for the best results.

  • Bilateral splint for improved fit and comfort.

  • Can be used in the comfort of your home!


The Portable Hand Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) machine incorporates a revolutionary design to accomplish a true composite fist, with each digit achieving ROM at its own speed and pace. The Portable Hand CPM machine attaches to each finger independently, allowing each finger to move through true anatomic ROM. The new design features a bilateral splint for a fit and comfort level that is significantly improved. Extremely lightweight and easy to operate, the Portable Hand CPM machine sets up quickly for a wide variety of treatments. This machine is for use with either hand or either thumb. We include FREE ground shipping to and from your home, 24 hour phone support service for questions or concerns, and a FREE CPM pad kit (the part where your forearm attaches to the unit) and glove (provides reusable attachment of the finger clips to each digit). When you receive the machine, call for your setup, fitting and orientation.  We will walk you through how to use the machine so you can get the most out of your rental and return to full health.



  • Weight: 5lbs

  • Universal left/right design

  • Range of Motion: 0° hyperextension to 270° flexion (composite fist)

  • Gradations of Speed:27–135 seconds (cycle of 0°–270°– 0°)

  • Individual Finger Actuators:  Allow independent motion of each digit

  • Composite Flexion: Intrinsic +: 0º extension, 90º flexion;

  • Intrinsic -: 0º extension, 180º flexion

  • Extension/Flexion: Pause at limits allows for a controlled stretch and rest period

  • Convenient digital display of angle, ROM settings, speed, and force

  • Free ground shipping included

  • Easy-to-follow instructional DVD and clear written instructions

  • Pre-installed, ultra-comfortable pad kit

  • Toll free 24-hour phone support from experienced technicians

  • Return shipping label included


It is very important to do everything that your doctor and physical therapist tell you to do including your exercises! Using both a Hand CPM machine and doing your recommended exercises will enhance your recovery while also reducing your pain and swelling.



*This product requires a prescription from your doctor.




Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 22 × 15 in
Select length of rental

2 week standard rental;, 3 Week Rental [+$100.00], 4 Week Rental [+$200.00], 5 Week Rental [+$300.00], 6 Week Rental [+$400.00], 7 Week rental [+$500.00], 8 Week Rental [+$600.00]